Compusystem srl is a small consulting enterprise (Private Limited Company), founded in 1992, having a top level professional team of senior engineers and technicians.
Compusystem is a customer-oriented company, able to support clients giving effort for the development of new technologies in the industrial field, also working in their plants and laboratories.
The Compusystem experience and know-how have been acquired in several year of activities in the field of Research and Development in metallurgical, mechanical and testing sectors by the consultant team, that have worked in primary R&D Centre.
The main Compusystem srl mission is the service customers in their laboratories and workshops to give support for the development of new technologies in the industrial sectors and testing laboratories.


  • Consultancy in the mechanical, metallurgical and steel industry;
  • Own management of workshops and mechanical, metallurgical and laboratories iron and steel;
  • Economic and industrial feasibility study, the search for community and facilitated financing;
  • Training in metallurgy, metallography and mechanical testing;
  • Project management;
  • Management of data processing centres both on your own and for third parties;
  • Production, rental sale, training courses for hardware, software and scientific equipment product, including technical assistance, maintenance and repair;
  • Concession of software products through a license of use; representation, sale, marketing of the above for third party accounts that, own, including use and consumable materials;
  • Establishment and organization of schools recognized by the competent bodies for specialization courses by regional and EU programs, for private companies, for private citizens, all with personal assistance specialized; creation of specialized sales points relating to the social object;
  • Assembly of all the above-mentioned products.